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On March 15-17, 2023, 2023 SMART GRID EXPO (スマートエネルギー Week 2023) was held at the Tokyo International Conference in Tokyo,Japan. Located in Exhibition Booth No. 45 – 19, Hall 6, Great Power presented its latest LFP battery cells, battery packs and Na-ion batteries that are tailored to energy storage scenarios.


2023 SMART GRID EXPO is one of the largest exhibitions on smart grid, and energy storage system in Asia, attracting professionals from all over the world. Nearly 30000 visitors participated in the exhibition in three days. As one of the largest battery manufacturers globally, Great Power provided a platform for innovators and experts to connect at the expo, and experienced large traffic.  


It is reported that clean energy accounts for 35% of the total domestic power generation in Japan. Large-scale battery storage is essential for stabilizing the fluctuating supply of electricity from such renewable sources as solar and wind, making huge upside potential for energy storage market in Japan.  Great Power has been an active player in this market for years, dedicated to providing battery cells with longer cycle life, better safety performance, and high energy efficiency.  

On the exhibition, Great Power presented its pioneer products, including 320Ah and 280Ah cell for utility scale as well as C&I market; 100Ah, 50Ah and large cylindrical 20Ah are tailored to residential market. Its Na-ion cells was also highlighted, representing the Company’s relentless innovation to provide more cost-effective battery solutions. . The cell 320Ah is a real blockbuster, with more than 10000 cycles, optimal structural design and high round-trip efficiency. 


With over 20 years’ experience and expertise in manufacturing Li-ion batteries, Great Power strives to make clean energy more accessible. All cells are equipped with a range of certification, and total production capacity will exceed 40 GWh this year. For more information, please contact us at sales  


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