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Leading energy storage technology: Great Power's release of 320Ah energy storage cell
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On April 7th, Great Power officially launched a new generation of energy storage cells at Energy Storage International Conference and Expo (2023), and shared with professional visitors the latest technological breakthroughs and innovative thinking in the field of energy storage.


At this new product launch event, Great Power released a high-capacity battery cell of 320Ah, an increase of 40Ah in single-cell capacity compared to 280Ah and an increase of 14% in capacity in the same-sized product. The system capacity has also increased by 14%. The battery has a cycle life of more than 8000 times and can be used for more than 20 years. In the field of residential energy storage batteries, Great Power launched a 72Ah battery, which has increased capacity by 44% compared to 50Ah, and increased energy density by 15%. The battery's cycle life has also improved to 6000 times and can guarantee a service life of more than 15 years.


Great Power has launched a 20Ah large cylindrical cell, becoming the first company in the industry to achieve over 4000 cycles of 1C for large cylindrical cells. The design and performance of the product are characterized by full-pole ear technology, low internal resistance and low temperature rise technology, and a unique LTSC low-temperature superconducting technology. Meanwhile, the structure and process are extremely simplified, which can achieve a 5% cost reduction compared to the market. In 2022, Great Power has taken the lead in achieving mass production of large cylindrical cells.


In the field of sodium-ion batteries, Great Power has launched two models of sodium-ion batteries, 91Ah and 3050mAh, with energy densities exceeding 145Wh/kg and long service life of up to 3000 cycles. The company currently has the capability of mass production and will first realize commercial applications in energy storage and e-bike market in the future.


As a professional energy storage battery manufacturer, Great Power has always been acute to market demand and constantly innovate around the core performance improvements, hoping to make contribution to weaning the world off fossil fuels.

Great Power appeared on ESIE Expo