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Energy storage cell 储能电芯
Energy storage cell
Long Cycle Life Battery Maximum cycle life > 10000
High Energy-conversion Efficiency Technology 0.5P RTE≥ 95%
Low-temperature Superconducting Ltsc Battery Higher discharge capacity at low temperature
High-safety Lfp Battery Building battery with high safety by using lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material All products have obtained system safety cerfication
High-power Ups Battery Achieve 4C-6C high-power discharge of UPS
Large Cylinder with Lug Technology Single top cap design

Core/safe and reliable authentication complete

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Your Customized Solutions

Rapid response to Customer Needs With full series of products and services from cells, modules, packs, racks, to integrated products ranged from kWh to MWh.


Cells/The Choice for ESS

Square aluminum shell battery


Pouch polymer battery


Cylindrical steel shell battery


Energy storage module 储能模组
Standard Modules/Residential ESS
Rated energy 1.28kWh - 2.56kWh
Cell Specifications 25Ah-100Ah
Size 381x301x113mm
Battery cluster 电池簇
Battery cluster
Rated energy 172kWh - 372.7kWh
Product type 0.5C - 1C
Cooling method water/air cooling
Container energy storage system 集装箱储能系统
Container energy storage system
Voltage level 1000V-1500V
magnification 0.5P-1P
Monomer Specifications 150Ah-280Ah
size 40 feet-45 feet

Container Energy Storage System/Customized design

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Container Energy Storage System/3.7MWh structure

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