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LTSC Large Cylindrical Battery 独创LTSC铁锂大圆柱
Large Size LTSC LFP Cylindrical Battery
Standard 3.7
Nominal capacity 18Ah-20Ah
Cycle life 2500 weeks - 80% retention
Temperature range -20℃-45℃

All Applications


Super fast charging battery 超级快充电池
6C Fast Charging Power Cell
Fast charge 6V
recharge mileage 400KM
Cycle life 5000+
Single energy density 210Wh/KG

Black Technology


Power cell 动力类电芯
Power cells
Voltage range 3.2V-3.6V
Capacity range 2000mAh-67Ah
Maximum continuous discharge rate 2C-10C
Cycle life >1500次

Power battery model recommendation table-cylindrical


Power battery model recommendation table-soft pack


Power battery model recommendation table - square aluminum shell


New energy battery pack system 新能源电池PACK系统
New energy battery PACK system

E300 Parameters Table


48V micro hybrid power system 48V微混动力系统
48V Battery System

150C High Rate 

Successfully developed GSP40161227 high rate battery, which can discharge at 150C rate at room temperature. 

Small Size, Light Weight 

With 15S Cells, the nominal voltage reached 48V, and our pack is the smallest and lightest in the industry. 

High Safety 

The innovated Y-shaped design greatly promote the heat dissipation. And LFP system have passed harsh safety tests like nail penetration test. 

Low Temperature Performance Better than NCM 

10C Discharge rate at -35°C

Light power battery pack 轻型动力电池PACK
Light power battery PACK

Power Exchange/Share Series


Household Series


Light power cell 轻型动力电芯
Power Tool Battery Recommendation
Voltage range 3.2V-3.6V
Capacity range 2000mAh-100Ah
Maximum continuous discharge current 1C-10C

Cylindrical battery model recommendation table


Lithium iron phosphate soft pack battery model recommendation table


Lithium iron phosphate aluminum shell battery model recommendation table


Light power polymer battery 轻型动力聚合物电池
Lightweight power polymer battery

   Swappable Batteries for E-Bike