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Penghui charging pile 鹏辉充电桩
Great Power Charging pile

Leading Charge Distribution Technology

It can meet the needs of charging different models at the same time,and realize the maximization of unattended operation and save more initial investment costs.

Alternate Charging Technology

High-power single gun output, multi-cars switching, round charging.

Equalizing Charging Technology

The capacity of the charger system is evenly distributed, and each gun works independently without affecting each other.

Fast and Slow Charging

Intelligent charging to meet the needs of multi-gun charging.

Fast and Slow Charging

The output power of a single gun is large, and the output of multiple guns is evenly distributed, which can meet the charging needs of multiple cars in different time periods.

Group Charging Technology

According to user needs, one-to-one identification in modules to intelligently distribute loads.